Autism Prayers

Elizabeth Scott, author of Raindrops on Roman, has graciously written the following
three poems for you to print out for your own inspiration. 
These are FREE of charge.
When you click on the PDF link between the images for each of the prayers,

please be patient for it to load so that you may print out
a high-quality print that can be framed in a standard document frame
(8.5 x 11).

(You might have to wait anywheres from three to thirty-three seconds, and they are worth the wait!!)
You may use these prayers anyway you choose, with only two restrictions:
1) They can't be sold, and
2) Please always write a byline underneath each poem giving credit as follows:

by Elizabeth Scott, author of Raindrops on Roman
Overcoming Autism:  A Message of Hope

© 2009 Robert D. Reed Publishers

To reach Elizabeth directly, email her at

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I will always love you

Autism Prayer


A Prayer for the Parent of a Child with Autism

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I Will Always Love You

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A Mother's Autism Prayer

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A Mother's Autism Prayer