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You Can Be Famous: Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity by Danek Kaus

 You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity by Danek S. Kaus
This book will teach people how to get free publicity.It is intended for business owners, members of organizations and individuals.

This book is available on Kindle (click here).



Create your own formula to make big money on the circuit!
No holds barred interviews with some of the world’s top-paid speakers 

*  Fool-proof formula for six-figure success as a professional speaker
* Latest information about the ever-changing speaking/training marketplace.

 Brilliant!  The SIX-FIGURE Speaker (by Cathleen Fillmore) is a MUST read for all serious-minded individuals who want to reap great profits from the business of professional speaking.  It's essential reading for those who dare to be the 'Best of the Best'.  Cathleen has broken the code.”  - Brigadier General (CA) (Retired) Ezell Ware, Jr., Author and Professional Speaker



Brain Teasers

 Learn to "think outside the box" with Kiran Srinivas' new book of mental puzzles! This exciting and diverse collection of mental puzzles will equip you with the valuable ability to "think outside the box." Brain Teasers teaches creative, non-standard approaches to problem solving, and will motivate you to think in ways you never have before.




100 WAYS TO CREATE WEALTH by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford is the deepest and most penetrating study yet of the psychology of prosperity and the action steps necessary to produce wealth.  As the third, final and most exciting book yet in Steve Chandler's 100 Ways trilogy, 100 Ways to Create Wealth is already being hailed as "The modern reader's Think and Grow Rich!"


THE MEDIA SAVVY LEADER : Visibility, Influence, and Results in a Competitive World by David Henderson

THE MEDIA SAVVY LEADER by David Henderson profiles some of today’s most recognized executives who know the competitive importance of personally taking charge of communicating the vision, brand, and reputation of their organizations—and their own value, as leaders. 

 In THE MEDIA SAVVY LEADER, David Henderson reveals how to shape information, deliver messages, and enhance brand recognition in the changing media landscape and the online digital revolution.

This book is now available on Kindle (click here).


The Coming Widow Boom by James F. (Buddy) Thomas, Jr.

The Coming Widow Boom: What You and Your Loved Ones Can Do to Prepare for the Unthinkabe by Buddy Thomas is a pracitcal guide to financial and emotional wellness.  As an added benefit, preparing for the unthinkable can help you and your spouse make more money right now.

Already widowed?  The Coming Widow Boom can lead you out of the depths of confusion and grief and into a new life of financial awareness and emotional stability.

This book is available on KINDLE (click here).


PHILANTHROPY, HEIRS & VALUES: How Successful Families Are Using Philanthropy to Prepare Their Heirs for Post-Transition Responsibilities
This first-of-a-kind book, PHILANTHROPY, HEIRS & VALUES by Roy Williams and Vic Preisser of The Williams Group, reveals the hidden power of philanthropy to prepare your heirs for wealth and responsibility. After interviewing 3,250 affluent families, and examining almost 100 family foundations, the authors disclose how successful families are using philanthropy to teach their heirs Values, develop their appreciation for focus on a specific Mission, and instill a sense of Accountability.


PREPARING HEIRS: Five Steps to a Successful Transition of Family Wealth and Values

 Are you concerned about the impact of wealth on your heirs? Are they prepared for wealth and the responsibility that comes with it? Based upon almost 40 years of counseling successful families, Roy Williams and Vic Preisser bring you PREPARING HEIRS: Five Steps to a Successful Transition of Family Wealth and Values. With extraordinary insight, they reveal what successful families have in common: how they achieve family harmony, a smooth transition of wealth, and well-adjusted heirs.


PICK ONE: Ways You Can Help The World, The Nation, Your Region, Your Community by Colin Ingram & Robert D. Reed

 PickOne will ignite and guide your passion to make a difference. It makes it easy for you to identify and help the causes that you strongly believe in.

This book is now available on Kindle (click here).


The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels

New York Times Bestselling Author of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman says: The Chic Entrepreneur (by Elizabeth Gordon) is engaging, intelligent, and practical not to mention fun to read. If you are interested in building a business properly, in order to achieve not only financial freedom but personal freedom as well, this is the book for you.       – Gail Evans

Learn how to take your business from flats to stilettos in this intelligently written, highly practical, and entertaining read. The Chic Entrepreneur teaches women business owners how to get out of the trenches and take their business to new heights by mastering the 9 dimensions of a flourishing business. Elizabeth Gordon, President of Flourishing Business®, a consulting firm that helps stagnant businesses jump start their growth, shows how to build a business right. Gordon explains how to build an asset of inherent value instead of just a bigger job and points out common mistakes to avoid along the way.


Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times by Dusan Djukich

Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times is Dusan Djukich’s highly anticipated introduction to his potent world of straight-line coaching. Within these pages he dramatically unveils exactly what it takes to live a powerful and effective life both personally and professionally.

 Regardless if you are a CEO, small business owner, parent, or someone who simply wants to make a difference, you will learn to master powerful distinctions that you can apply immediately to resolve the challenges that you are presently up against. You will also become adept at assisting others in solving their most pressing problems with precision and grace.

“This book boldly demonstrates why Djukich is regarded as the ultimate performance catalyst to business. He simply kicks the hell out of the sacred cows that keep individuals and businesses stuck.”  — Brandon Craig, CEO, BiltRite Corporation



Customer Astonishment

 From an extraordinary dynamic presenter, Darby Checketts, Customer Astonishment:  10 Secrets to World-Class Customer Care, is a book that is a joy to read and can change your life in astonishing ways.  Accept his challenge to "WOW" your customers.
You must move beyond mere customer service.  To astonish is "to strike with awe and wonder."  Darby Checketts is a master at helping you create that "WOW" experience, which ignites customer loyalty.  
- Sam Beckford, Co-author
9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back

Click here for KINDLE version of this book


Become a Client Magnet: 27 Strategies to Boost Your Client-Attraction Factor by Sandy Schussel

 For anyone who offers a professional servuce and wants to confidently attract more clients and not feel like that used-car salesman with the bad hairpiece and loud plaid jacket, this is the book to read!  Become a Client Magnet is powerful, succinct, serious and light-hearted, visually interesting, and very easy to digest. Sandy Schussel presents you with 27 Strategies to Boost Your Client-Attraction Factor!  Read and integrate the messages in this book, and your business will reach new heights of success.

This book is available as a Kindle electronic book (click here).


THE SHOVEL by Baker Fore and Tom Massey

THE SHOVEL by Baker Fore and Tom Massey is a novel teaching the seven principles of success.
This first book by Fore and Massey has the makings of a best-seller.  The attention-grabbing story also presents a jolting reminder for those of us who may be taking too much for granted.  Anyone yearning for greater success should take a cue from A.B. Lincoln’s saga of triumph through character.  
    — Bill Countryman, General Manager, The Entertainer Magazine & Keystone Broadcasting


The Small Business Millionaire

  Readers will gain insights and discover simple truths about how to be successful in business – and in all areas of life - in The Small Business Millionaire, which is based on Chandler and Beckford's best selling non-fiction book 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back.



Winning Salesmanship—The Glengarry Way by Larry Krakow

"Larry Krakow speaks from experience—lots of it—and that is the key. 
Winning Salesmanship—The Glengarry Way
offers compelling, candid, cutting-edge lessons, with specific closing techniques,
to increase your income and success."
~ Joe Girard
World’s Greatest Salesperson
Author of How to Sell Anything to Anybody


The Joy of Selling


 Incorporate Chandler's breakthrough ideas that lead to joy and success in sales and become extraordinary.  In concise, reader-friendly chapters, best-selling author Steve Chandler delivers over 50 powerful ideas guaranteed to stimulate fantastic sales success in The Joy of Selling. 

 "Simple, informative, and powerful - this book is an indispensable guide to building successful sales relationships."
- Tom Massey, Author of
The ABC's of Effective Leadership


RelationShift: Revolutionary Fundraising
 Relationshift: Revolutionary Fundraising can help people shift their relationships and raise thousands or possibly millions of dollars for their non-profit organizations.  Best-selling author Steve Chandler, and Michael Bassoff, one of America’s most innovative and successful fundraisers, have collaborated on this powerful and effective book.   Their easy-to-follow system will help people to create new relationships that can lead to the raising of millions of dollars.


Nonprofit Nonsense & Common Sense

Nonprofit Nonsense & Common Sense by Marshall McNott
"Required reading for everyone in philanthropy." - Arthur T. Keefe ~ CFRE/OAPA/Yale University (Ret.)
"Nonprofit Nonsense & Common Sense" is probably the best thing written on the subject, and the pragmatic advice for anyone interested is compelling."  -Dick Voell, Former President & Chief Executive Officer, The Rockefeller Group; Former Chairman, The Business Council for the United Nations

*  Find out what nonprofit work is like from the trenches, not just from the boardroom.
*  Discover the secrets of CEOs and Boards ~ they really can get along!
*  Learn why integrity cannot be rationalized away.


The 12 INVESTMENT MYTHS: Why Individual Investors Are Failing Miserably and How You Can Avoid Being One of Them

“Jack Calhoun’s book is as witty as it is profound . . . a perfect sanity check for uncertain times.”                                                
~ Steve Chandler, Author of 100 Ways to Create Wealth


Handling Employment for Bosses and Supervisors

Guidelines to Avoid Employee Lawsuits,With a Touch of Humor  
by Geoffrey H. Hopper
Cases of this book could prevent Cases in Court!
It is estimated that one out of three bosses/ supervisors will be involved in claims during their careers, frequently in the six- and seven-digit numbers.  This can literally destroy a business, oftentimes with bosses or supervisors oblivious they were even in violation of any laws.
As Bill Evans, VP/GM of Desert Television says,
“Save yourself and your business some time, money, and grief by reading this book by Geoffrey Hopper.  Geoff's insight and expertise on employment law will help any business manager save their company money if they only read the book and follow the advice given.”


Who's Hiding in Your Address Book? Introducing The Ideal Network fr Successful Women

Who's Hiding in Your Address Book by Mary Kurek, an absolutely delightful as well as helpful read, includes  The Primer:  31 Ways to Use Your Chamber of Commerce to Help You Succeed.  A great book for Chambers to buy by the caseload for a fundraiser and to make required reading for all members.  The synergistic effect in your community could make your community shine beyond your wildest imagination as each person reaches new levels of joyful success through their networking. 


You're a Medical What!? A Lighthearted Peek into the World of a Medical Transcriptionist

You're a Medical What!?  A Lighthearted Peek into the World of a Medical Transcriptionist by Sara Burns
·        Discover which famous person was a flirtatious rascal in the recovery room!
·        Learn what medical transcriptionists hear when doctors forget to turn off their recorders!
·     Imagine yourself sitting by the ocean in Kauai, watching the dolphins play offshore, while you continue your work, as the author so deftly describes.

This book is now available on Kindle (click here).


75 PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUS LEADERERSHIP: Inspired Skills for 21st Century Business

75 PRINCIPLES of CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP by Michael Schantz  The beauty of this book is in its multitude of well- researched resources.  All the most powerful leadership thinkers are here in a newly understandable format.  Now we get the whole picture.... Michael has offered his life up to leaders, spiritual guides, and mentors with courageous vulnerability.  His openness to being influenced is the book’s supreme gift to the reader.... you will also feel the transformation that is happening to you with practice of the skills and transition to the next level.             
Steve Chandler
Author of 100 Ways to Create Wealth


The Secret of Transitions: How to Move Effortlessly to Higher Levels of Success

"A powerful and mesmerizing book that will shake you with its candor and intelligence."
- Steve Chandler
Coauthor of 100 Ways to Create Wealth
Wherever you are in your career, The Secret to Transitions by Jim Manton will make your transition to the next level effortless and immediate. With user-friendly exercises, you will be able to apply lesson after exciting lesson to your own life so that your success is NOW rather than later.  


Gotta minutes the ABCs of effective leadership

The ABC's of Effective Leadership can be used as a practical tool for leaders who wish to bring out the best in themselves and others in a rapidly changing world.”

—Ken Blanchard, coauthor,
The One Minute Manager and Whale Done!


The Funeral Book
A professional in the funeral industry for 30 years, Clarence W. Miller reveals what funeral directors do behind closed doors. He provides important information and suggestions for preparing for funerals.


Gotta Minute Sell your screenplay your guide to the independent film and television producer
"This is an impressive and useful publication. Andrea has accomplished something many other writers might emulate: she doesn’t talk about anything she doesn’t know about. What she does know about is the aggressive and tenacious pursuit of a screenplay sale to an independent production company. Andrea’s introductory essays on ‘The Independent Producer’,’‘Breakthrough Tactics,’ and ‘Rules of the Game’ are brief, to the point, and accurate. It’s impossible to compile such a book without duplicating some information available, but there is not another book that includes all the features Andrea offers. This is a wonderful, useful, and practical guide for any beginning screenwriter, and of use to the not-so beginning writer as well


Its more than making them sweat

"Finally, a concise, easy to read, success guide for personal trainers, written by a working, successful personal trainer. Ed Thornton not only captures the spirit of what it takes to train people for a living, but also outlines how to be outstanding at it. I wish this book were around 13 years ago when I started training."

— Pam Harvey
Instructor, Disabled Sports USA
Full Certification, Member, Professional Ski Instructors of America
Full time personal trainer, AFAA Certified


Leadership A comprehensive guide to understanding and development
Individulas and companies have been learning what history has demonstrated all along-- that people with leadership skills are the difference between success and failure on the battlefield and in the boardroom. The process of studying leadership has been, up to now, an arduous task that too few people have committed the time, energy, and resources to undertake.


Personal Money management
The author’s achievement of financial security for himself and his family has provided a peace of mind that only those who have gained it can appreciate. Through this book, the author is able to share the concepts and practical ideas developed over a lifetime – ideas that can work for everyone. Easy-to-use worksheets enable readers to adopt the information for their own needs. Starting with the listing of goals, the book eases the reader into the concept of value, the process of managing money and all aspects of investing.


Work Overseas Whose hiring right now

Everything you have ever wanted to know about how to land a high-paying, adventurous, and great job overseas. Hundreds of contacts and addresses of the most active employers are provided.

Unlike many other books on this subject, this book is written by someone who really knows what he is talking about. He has been there, done that. He has spent a lifetime engaged in the high-paying, tax-free jobs he describes. He shares his experience and knowledge on these topics: What kinds of jobs are available; how to find the jobs you desire; how to approach prospective employers; how to negotiate for the best possible pay and perks; how to keep your high-paying job; and more!


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