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WAR MOVIES:  The Belle and Blade Guide to Classic War Videos

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by Gary A. Frietas
350 thought-provoking reviews
of the best war movies
produced in the past 50 years!

ANZACS, Attack!, Band of Brothers, Battle of Algiers, Come and See, Capitaine Conan, Dieppe, 84 Charlie MoPic, No Man's Land, Piece of Cake, Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, Stalingrad, 317th Platoon, Underground, When Trumpets Fade, and many more-must see films are reviewed in this new movie guide for dedicated war movie fans.

Finally, here is a comprehensive war movie guide that reviews in detail dozens of compelling stories about men in the military and at war. Can you name the 25 best combat movies of all time, the ten best WWII movies, the five best military legal dramas, fact-based military scandals, or prisoner-of-war movies? War Movies: The Belle & Blade Guide to Classic War Videos attempts to do this and much more. Written with the goal of identifying the best war movies ever, these reviews promise to stir discussion and provoke debate. The book includes:

· Original reviews and movie ratings
· Summaries of past reviews by noted critics
· Comparisons between war movies from each war era
· Identification of the best war dramas and action movies
· Unique war movie tables
· Reviews of every important combat film ever produced
· Movies from around the world as well as those made for TV
· Many overlooked gems

War Movies: The Belle & Blade Guide to Classic War Videos explores all of the elements of a good war movie:

Combat is the basic experience that defines a soldier. That's why War Movies: The Belle & Blade Guide to Classic War Videos features combat movies. It is from this experience that all other war-related films have to be understood. All of the best combat movies are reviewed here, including: Band of Brothers, When Trumpets Fade, Black Hawk Down, and more.

Today, the baseline for evaluating a war movie is how realistically the film portrays "war as hell." This focus takes us up close to the soldier in combat and what he has to endure, which is the common denominator for all wars and for all great war movies. Reviews include: Das Boot, Stalingrad, Hamburger Hill, and more.

The one unwavering fact about war is death. To know how a particular epoch feels about war we have to know how they felt about death. How soldiers deal with killing and dying is at the heart of the war experience and every great war movie. Read reviews of The Thin Red Line, Glory, and more.

The great legacy handed down to us from WWI is the modern belief that war is fundamentally absurd and immoral, hence the strong antiwar theme in the best war movies of today. Every great war film confronts a soldier's fear of death and asks, “What does it mean?” Reviews include: Catch-22, Behind the Lines, The Human Condition, and more.


Gary A. Freitas is a writer and life-long war movie enthusiast. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1970 to 1974 and holds a Ph.D. in psychology from U.S. International University. He currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Gary is a student of military history and social conflict, and he is the author of Defusing Violence in the Workplace and Relationship Realities.

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