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GIFTS OF THE SHOVEL: Lessons for Life and Business by Tom Massey and Baker Fore

Gifts of the Shovel is a self-improvement program, business advisory, morality play, and how-to-fully-live-life course all wrapped into an engaging and inspiring novel. The main character is Jason Clark, a man who while becoming wealthy in business has managed to plummet into emotional bankruptcy in the most important aspects of life. Through repeated trials and errors, Jason learns what it truly means to be RICH with the help of friends, an AA group, and a mystical old mentor who reappears at the oddest, but most important times. RICH, in this case,means living the qualities of respect, integrity, compassion and humility. This book is for anyone who aspires to live life to its fullest.


THE SHOVEL by Baker Fore and Tom Massey

THE SHOVEL by Baker Fore and Tom Massey is a business novel that teaches seen principles of success.
This first book by Fore and Massey has the makings of a best-seller.  The attention-grabbing story also presents a jolting reminder for those of us who may be taking too much for granted.  Anyone yearning for greater success should take a cue from A.B. Lincoln’s saga of triumph through character.  
    Bill Countryman, General Manager, The Entertainer Magazine & Keystone Broadcasting
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The Woman Who Attracted Money: a Robert Chance mystery by Steve Chandler

"Don't start this late at night because you won't be able to put it down.  There's a new Chandler in town, and he's written the most entertaining crime thriller I've read in a long, long time."
~ Michael Neill, Author of Supercoach


"Grabs you by the scruff of the neck and doesn't let go till the end. And even then this book still hangs with you. Chandler is a master story teller."
~ Matt Furey, Author of The Unbeatable Man



 Jumping Over the Moon by E Dee Monnen

This book is also available as an e-book. Order your Kindle book here.

Not all villains are people. In Jumping Over the Moon the main villain is time. Phineas Gannon is in a desperate race against time in this gripping novel.

Demonstrated in the novel are two examples of American influence in the lives of the Native American—baseball and religion. Jumping Over the Moon is an example of American sports becoming the great equalizer among the races.


Chez Paradise by Gerard Murrin

CHEZ PARADISE by Gerard Murrin: After a horrific fire levels the gorgeous Sonoma Valley villa they had rented, vacationing friends scramble to find alternative accommodations.  They laugh their way through a series of snafus until their situation turns suddenly dire when a woman in their party goes missing.  Making matters worse, local authorities are more interested in asserting arson allegations than in listening to a tale of abduction.  Searching for clues while dodging the cops, the traveling companions run up against some shadowy figures intent on keeping certain secrets buried beneath the rubble of Chez Paradise.  With nowhere else to turn, the woe begotten tourists are left relying on just one man, an out of shape, retired detective, in desperate attempt to escape their hell.
This book is now available on Kindle as an e-book. Click here.


Buddha's Wife by Gabriel Constans

Buddha's Wife is a novel about compassion, inspiration, and forgiveness. What happened to  Yasodhara and her newborn son, Rahula, after her husband (Siddhartha, a.k.a. Buddha) left her sleeping in the middle of the night to seek enlightenment?
Gabriel Constans focuses the reader's attention on the strong and complicated women who surrounded Buddha and makes us rethink the nature of spiritual life.
~ Chitra Divakaruni



AVENGING STORM by Maurice Mayben

Adult Action / Adventure Fiction
A wounded American soldier in Operation Desert Storm discovers ancient Chinese artifacts in the Iraqi desert that imply a potential cure for cancer, but learns he must return to Iraq, again on the verge of war, to find additional artifacts that complete the formula.  Unfortunately, ruthless mercenaries murder his uncle and corrupt government officials conspire to suppress the cure, even if thousands have to die.  Derek Storm must summon all of his cunning and martial skills to recover those artifacts and bring the culprits to the harsh justice of an . . . Avenging Storm



Gringa in a Strange Land

Gringa in a Strange Land by Linda Dahl: One might call this book “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman.” It uses multiple languages and explores the character in a Bildungsroman manner. Dahl has recaptured a time and place she knew as a young woman from her own travel to Mexico in the 1970s. Dahl’s use of character and atmosphere are commendable for how they appear so simple yet enrich and perfectly blend together to create an intoxicating world. Told from a female perspective, this is a realistic and subtle tale of the interior journey of addiction and its impact and consequences early on.  


Rendezvous Rock by Rickey Bray

Rendezvous Rock by Rickey Bray is a riveting novel by a man who transformed his life while in prison by tapping into his limitless imagination and becoming an extraordinarily prolific writer.
There are times – special and rare – when you pick up a book and just reading the first line is such a pleasure you are hooked. “Eric carved, Susan watched, and the rock didn’t care.” From that first sentence, Rickey Bray proceeds to lead the reader into a rich wonderland of the imagination....  Review by Ann Brown



The Last Cowboy by Daniel Uebbing is a surrealistic satiric mock epic, a parody of the western genre contrasted with modern times demonstrating that there are still real cowboys out there today.


TRASH and Other Litter

Trash and Other Litter by Richard Bellush, Jr.: A bouncer at a New Jersey go-go bar awakens in a dumpster and tries to recall how he got there.  He is sure it has something to do with one or more of the four dancers who took him out for his birthday.


The 86th Degree

The 86th Degree is a sassy novel of passion, romance, betrayal, and mystery by Barbara Harken, the next "Danielle Steel!"  
"The 86th Degree is a love story written with so much emotion that you are infused with empathy.  Denied love and the desire to be loved are parallel with abuse and abusers. Barb weaves passion, romance, and mystery into her novel set in the education field that she knows so well.”    * Jeanne Anderson



 An Engaging Fantasy Adventure              by E. A. Machado
E. A. Machado, author of to Wear A Badge (see fiction titles), brings you his second novel, this one an other-worldly fantasy adventure filled with magic and parables.  Fifteen-year-old Ethan is trained in the art of defense by a powerful wizard named Armas and the dwarfs of Krone Mountains.  Far to the west, King gerald, a man who believes in peace, rules Utigard City; but his city is faced with a dark thread by a powerful sorceress, the Goblin Witch.  This riveting story will keep you captivated until the very end.



TO WEAR THE BADGE by E.A. Machado, a historical novel set in Texas during the mid-Nineteenth Century, tells the story of the complex relationship between a father and son, both members of the Texas Rangers. In 1845 debate raged as to whether Texas should become a part of the United States. Shortly after Texas joined the union in 1846, it went to war with Mexico. Then in 1861 came the Civil War. Central to this dramatic time of social and political turmoil were the Texas Rangers, the protectors of isolated settlements on a wild frontier filled with Mexican bandits and Comancheros.
MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWS gave this book a 5-star review and said:  To Wear The Badge is a quintessentially human tale and very highly recommended reading for western novel fans.


The Small Business Millionnaire by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford

  Readers will gain insights and discover simple truths about how to be successful in business – and in all areas of life - in The Small Business Millionaire, which is based on Chandler and Beckford's best selling non-fiction book 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back.

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Reading Stefi, Jenny Paschall's dazzling novel, is like going on a wild après marriage adventure with an  exciting new best friend - exhilarating, both hilarious and poignant, and always witty and wise.         - Esther Shapiro, Co-creator of Dynasty

 A hilarious, irreverent romp and all-around winner in the comedy sweepstakes.  Take this on the plane with you and laugh all the way from Los Angeles to London     Paul Huson, Author, Screenwriter, Producer Mastering Herbalism, The Keepsake, Mystical Origins of the Tarot


Silver Dreams

In Sondra Rice Newman's riveting novel, SILVER DREAMS, Leigh Meredith, a rising executive in the advertising world, is jilted and left alone on Christmas Eve. Dispirited, she sheds her trendy Manhattan surroundings to find a new life. A minimum-wage job at a weekly newspaper in the Virginia horse country leads her to an abandoned one-eyed thoroughbred, Silver Dreams.



 Gerard Murrin's Dynamic New Novel, FORTY ACRES, Confronts Land-Use Crisis in America. With chilling affect, this spellbinding tale, filled with engaging characters, heroes and villains alike, foreshadows the look and feel of the mid-21st-century given the continued loss of land to commercial and residential development.


Jackson Choice

 JACKSON CHOICE - a novel by Gerard F. Murrin questions: "Where is paradise anyway? Does anyone have a map?"  Disillusioned with his career and affected by divorce, Casey Borlen moves to the small town of Jackson to start a new life at a slower pace. But he finds more challenges in this bucolic setting than he expected and discovers weaknesses and strengths he never knew he had. Unforeseen situations cloud Casey’s judgment and cause him to second-guess the choices he has made, until a run-in with nature helps him to refocus on his true priorities.   Jackson Choice explores the intricacies of relationships and internal conflict, and their effect on the decisions people make. In thinking about Casey’s predicament, readers will be inspired to reconsider what is important in their own lives.



Banished unfolds during a recession in a newly formed country after the fall of the United States. Desperate for revenue, civic leaders try to tap past due fines to solve the problem of financial insolvency by collecting fees from dubiously convicted drunk drivers. To intimidate the offenders, those in power establish a work camp in one of the most inhospitable “Lands” for those who do not pay. The camp also becomes the perfect place to hide prisoners and staff who have information or skills that might be damaging to the elite, removing these individuals as threats to those in power.


Covered Lives A Managed Care Thriller
In Covered Lives, Washington physician and former White House staffer Jonathan Javitt takes the reader on a roller coaster ride from the intrigues of the Oval Office to the inner sanctums of managed healthcare corporations, from the slums of Washington to the ivory towers of government. Few will be able to put the book down and turn out the light!


A heartfelt coming-of-age memoir, Flashes is the fictional account of a poor childhood in New York City during the 1930s and early 1940s. We are introduced to Mickey Young, who is at once endearingly naive and uncommonly versed for his years in the hardships of life.


Foxing the Witch

Woven within the story the author creates a magical puzzle to be solved by interpreting rhyming lines. Clever limericks enliven the text and set the mood for a magical adventure.

* Fine quality full color hard-cover edition
* Makes a wonderful book for the collector
* First in a series by the artist writer, John Sellers


Green Passions

This fast-paced, intriguing story chronicles Chelsea's encounters with government corruption and bureaucracy, drug traffickers, deforestation, and the black market. She is championed by Ricardo Morales, a rich entrepreneur with political influence who suggests she can get her expired visa renewed by an overnight stay in Guatemala. She goes with him, even though she suspects that his motives aren't honorable.


Grey Wolves Howling A Novel of Chechnya

Garyk Ivramovich Gadayev is an Islamic Chechen whose skills in computers and communications technology have been noticed by high level Soviet officials. In 1973 he is conscripted by the Soviet Army to help modernize satellite communications and missile launch capabilities.

Garyk marries a Russian, Katryn Moldatin, and gives up his own heritage to become assimilated into Russian culture. His Afghanistan War experience and the breakup of his marriage disillusion him, and when Russian troops fire on their own government in 1993, Garyk finds himself on the losing side.


January 3rd½


January 3rd½ explores universal fantasies and asks the reader to imagine a day free from social responsibility, morals, and laws. What would you do if you had the chance to experience a day that doesn't exist - a "free day" in which you could do anything you choose with no consequences? Would you take revenge? Express yourself in some way without restraint? Live your wildest dream? Make real your darkest fantasies? Tempt death?


John's Diary

A fast-paced mystery novel packed with action and conflicted characters with convoluted motives.

When Jason Hammerlick packs his bags and heads off to "The University," little does he know he will soon be thrown into a dark world of death and intrigue. An innocent and naïve recent high school graduate, Jason quickly becomes friends with the first group of students he meets, although he knows nothing about them. Almost immediately, the bodies start turning up: Jessica Ransom, Vance Johnson, Miles Johnson, Allen Portchester, and Celeste Riggins. Soon Jason is deeply involved in solving the mystery of what is happening on campus.


"Lycanthropia" is the study of werewolves. Pulling together the imagination and styles of Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, John Grisham, and Ann Rice, the author has woven a suspenseful, sophisticated tale that doesn’t take place in an out-of-the-way haunting, but in the middle of dynamic, modern Los Angeles. His research on the origin of the werewolf legend led him to some surprising conclusions, which are described in this novel.


Messenger From the Summer of Love

Messenger From The Summer of Love is an original story that takes you on a mystical journey during that summer in 1967. Travel with an adventurous, twenty-year old man (Trevor) from the San Fernando Valley to the Legendary Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the birthplace of the Hippies.

Along his magical journey Trevor stops at the Monterey Pop Festival and eventually lands in the heart of the 1960s movement in San Francisco. This is not so much a journey in miles as it is an exploration of the mind, body, and spirit. In San Francisco Trevor meets a young teacher with the power of miracles and an important message for the future.


The Migration of Willie Mackerels

In this, his third novel, Mike Clarke taps the knowledge gained from a long career as schoolteacher and athletic coach to create a coming-of-age story that is fun, heart-warming and wise. He currently resides in Port Hadlock, Washington, on Puget Sound, not too far from where Willie Michaels may have stepped up to the pitcher’s mound.

* Interesting characters, well plotted, a fun, enjoyable read


On The Fringes

A timely novel that explores whether humanity will use its scientific knowledge to destroy the world or save it.

In this thought-provoking social novel about loss and awakening a story unfolds with vibrant imagery and ideology that shows how the atom first became the ultimate tool of destruction instead of the definitive power of medicine and longevity.


Polyester Pride

Lisa begins to have a rude awakening when she marries her high school sweetheart and suddenly finds herself living with an alcoholic who roughs her up regularly. A tailspin of increasing physical abuse and social isolation forces her onto a rocky path where, against formidable odds, she struggles to find her own inner strength, pride, and, finally, freedom from her past.


Race for Doroon

As Race walks through the forest on the planet Doroon, he comes across a Keeborn Cat ("Satin") caught in the steel jaws of a colonist's trap. Race frees the wounded cat and they become companions. The Keeborn were the Guardian Sect of an ideal Kee Nation, but the impending destruction of their world had forced them to flee to Doroon.

Race and Satin save Sandy from the crumpled remains of her spacecraft. They bring her back to Satin's cave and treat her wounds. As Race nurtures Sandy back to health, a love affair develops.


Remember Me To My Father

A Deeply Moving Coming-of-Age Novel     Growing up in Ohio     Gutsy and passionate
In this extraordinary and powerfully wrenching novel by David Nemec, an adolescent boy searches for a path out of a seemingly inescapable "darkness" after the loss of his father in a time and place full of contradictions.

Seen through the eyes of Ben Farkas, a child of first generation parents, and set against the backdrop of a small Midwestern suburban town in the mid-1950s, Remember Me To My Father takes us through what will prove to be the most difficult and turbulent years of Ben's life. For him, the twelve months between the Cleveland Brown's devastating last-minute defeat in the 1953 NFL title game and the final day of 1954 are a period of anguish, confusion, punishment, despair, and finally triumph.


Scum and Other Tales

Peculiar Characters and Quirky Humor

This varied collection of short stories is filled with strange, amusing, memorable, and imperfect characters telling unlikely tales. Follow the 60's artist who calls himself Aardvark through the personal and social changes of the past 40 years in the tale entitled Brown Acid. See how two very non-heroic humans manage to survive an astronomical catastrophe in Soot. Hope that a junk food called Scum does not actually reach the supermarket shelves! From the first page to the last, readers will find all of the stories in this book entertaining and hilarious. The characters portrayed in the fiction of Richard Bellush are deeply flawed in very human ways, but they often manage to be likable anyway. Sometimes they are likable because of their flaws. We, as readers, hope they succeed in their endeavors and occasionally they do.


Seven Lives, Seven Games

Abandonment is the toughest pain to endure.

Baseball is gone.

When play finally resumes after a year-long dispute between players and owners, the fans do not return. Fans have lost trust, and they demonstrate disaffection by their absence from games.

Seven individuals find their lives and relationships changed dramatically as a result of the nation's lost interest in its pastime. They encounter personal challenges while enduring through an arduous season.



Welcome to the challenging and exciting world of SLOG!

In the lush swamps of New Jersey, the desert communes of South Dakota, the balmy tropics of Quebec, and the new settlements in blooming Antarctica, the ambitions and passions of the surviving humans remain familiar. Their struggle to live on Earth, however great, is never so dangerous or rewarding as their struggle to live with one another.



Whew!      Best "Mystery" Mystery Book I've Ever  Terrific Summer Read Read    Crime thriller for the thinking reader
by David Nemec
Providential, terrifying, perfectly pitched, this extraordinary novel gives us the inelegant truths of how it feels to be a middle-aged male writer, husband and father who is adrift in a world indifferent to everything he stands for. Telling his own story is Keith Stonesifer, a former college English teacher who is determined after years of professional frustration to carve a new career as a mystery writer. When Stonesifer picks up a young woman at the tennis courts in Golden Gate Park, he is slowly but inescapably caught in a nightmare descent into brutally casual sex and murder that he finds both abhorrent and alarmingly cathartic.


Street Souls
This fictional account is based on the author’s real and gradual descent into the condition of homelessness in San Francisco. This is a rough and tough story that truthfully and graphically depicts the kinds of characters who live in this condition and what, in addition to their homelessness, they must contend with in terms of food, weather, injury, illness, the police, government agencies, charities and – most terrifying of all – their peers. This book neither idealizes nor vilifies homelessness. This is a no-holds-barred tale of what it is really like to be homeless.


Terpsichore Amidst the Forty Hills

Pronounced TERP-SIH-KOR-EE, the title is based on the goddess of dance of ancient Greece, and on the setting amidst the forty different hills in the City of San Francisco.

The author is an expert on all aspects of dance. He has created a novel whose characters portray dance from its inception in the ancient world, all the way to the latest, modern dances. This is a book for anyone interested in the history and culture of dance. The extraordinary knowledge of the author on the subject is evident throughout this book, and the sheer amount of information is impressive.


The Awakening A Tale of Avian Evolution

Through the eyes of two parrots, the reader sees the unraveling of two worlds. Yellow Streak must survive planet wide devastation by a comet impact at the end of the age of dinosaurs and witnesses their demise. She perserveres and overcomes many hardships to flourish in her ancient world and ultimately becomes the 'genetic Eve' for all modern parrot species. Angel is born into an equally frightening world populated by humans. She must adopt to this alien world filled with unpredictablity. She reaches out to two people, bringing them together, sharing with them her companionship and love.


The Jade Head

An adventure novel by Patrick Grady
A small-town accountant gets caught up in risky business in the jungles of Belize

This humorous and suspenseful story paints a vivid picture of Belize and its diverse and fascinating people, along with a parallel story-line that is a sensitive portrayal of life in small-town Illinois. In addition to being pure entertainment, readers will learn about the diverse cultures of Belize: the Creoles, Mestizos, Garifunas, and, surprisingly, the Mennonites; and travel with the author to Belize City, Ambergris Cay, Cayo and Orange Walk, and the Mayan sites at Lamanai, Xunantunich and Altun Ha.


The Wedding That Changed My Life

This is the story of Catherine-a woman who was sexually abused as a child and never felt able to trust men-and Gabe, the man who, in the end, offered her true love and redemption.

As a young girl, Catherine was afraid of boys and never really had a boyfriend. At seventeen, she married a man four years her senior, but the marriage proved very abusive-both physically and mentally. Catherine divorced him and lived the single life before meeting and marrying Husband Number Two. This traditional, tolerable marriage lasted twenty-two years, but lacked the love and passion that Catherine desired; eventually she nearly had a nervous breakdown. Then she invented "Mr. Invisible," who cheers her up when she is depressed and nourishes her languishing spirit. She just knows in her heart that she will someday meet him in real life and find joy. Sure enough, she finally finds her "Mr. Invisible" in Gabe, and they fall deeply in love.


Through the Picture Tube

This is the story of Frank Walsh, an ex-American draft dodger living in Canada, who watched the Vietnam War through the TV picture tube. Twenty years later, depressed after losing his wife and still haunted by the ghosts of the violent TV images he saw, Frank decides to go to Vietnam to discover for himself what happened to his high school buddy, the only American killed in the Bien Lai massacre. As Frank digs deeper into the past, he must come to grips with the moral dilemmas raised by the horrifying massacre of all of the inhabitants of this small village. With several surprises in store, his trip becomes a voyage of self-discovery and romantic involvement in the least likely of places.


Veil of Light

A young woman, Anna, is transported to an alien planet, Vonbemar, where she experiences contorted and tumultuous adventures. The journey teaches her self-reliance and develops her inner strength. This prepares her for what she will face later on Earth . . . .

Before leaving the planet, she encounters the most feared and despised being in the universe, Lucifer. She discovers that his existence is not veiled in mystery, but by man's ignorance.


Whose Death in the Tunnel The Tale of a Princess

She is the most admired, talked about and photographed woman in the world, but she is embroiled in a nightmare of trauma, betrayal and make-believe love.

A trusted friend introduces the Princess to a master strategist,
code-named "Puppet Master," who offers a beguiling solution. Her pain is so great the Princess agrees to the plan on the condition that no one will be hurt.

The goal is freedom and a new life in America; the terrible price is the loss of her only happiness--her two sons.


A Difficult Trade The Baseball Mystery
...[Leonard] writes like a baseball insider, with intimate knowledge of team financing, trade and contract negotiations, player-management relations and the not-always-admirable personalities of the players. From the boardroom to the locker-room, and from Miami’s South Beach to Little Havana, this is a superb sports yarn with a line-drive pace and a colorful scorecard of pampered athletes and nervous executives. (Nov. 2000)


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