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with authors, affiliates, movies, media appearances
and endorsements such as:

Robert Muller, Patch Adams, Robin Williams, Dan Rather,
Albert Ellis, Arun Gandhi, John Gray, Thomas Eagleton,
Oprah Winfrey, The Today Show, ABC, NBC, CBS,
Kurt Waldheim, Mohammad Ali, Derrick Jensen, 
Art Buchwald, Ed Asner, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter,
Mary Elizabeth King, Pat Buchanan, Laura Davis,

Bill Moyers, Daniel Quinn, Pete Seeger,
Dr. Bernie Siegel, Ann Louise Gittleman, Ken Blanchard,
Jack Canfield,
Gerry Spence, Montel Williams,
Mike Thaler, Kenneth Wapnick, Henry Hill,
Oscar Goodman, Frank Cullotta, Louis Ferrante,

Washington Post, People Magazine, CNN
and Good Morning America.

With over 40 years in the publishing profession and nearly 1800 titles
produced, Robert D. Reed Publishers brings an engaging dynamic list
of titles to readers - books to enlighten the spirit, enhance life, turn
businesses around, and help

"Change the World One Book at a Time."

We have a great list of wonderful authors and successes, as we supply timely and engaging
products to the world.  With  an organized and well-energized team of professionals, we are
here for our authors, customers, distributors, producers, and affiliates.

We have a world-wide team to market foreign rights and book sales in many countries.  The
team engages in active sales meetings with buyers, distributors, and representatives worldwide.

Besides selling to colleges, schools, libraries, and organizations, we also sell through, American Wholesale Book Co., Anderson Merchandisers/Walmart, Barnes
and Noble College, B. Dalton Booksellers, Quality Books, Unique Books, Baker & Taylor
Main, Barnes & Noble Distribution Center, Barnes & Noble Superstores, B&, Bookazine,

Borders Inc., Brodart, Davis Kidd, Follett Library, Ingram Book Company, Ingram Merchandise
Group, Ingram Retail Services Inc., Joseph Beth, NACS Corp, Partners Michigan, Partners
West, WH Smith (airport stores), US Military, Premium Sales, and bulk corporate sales

Many of our books are also available as eBooks on Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook.

We are represented by Midpoint Trade Books of New York.

We have warehousing in Ypsilanti, Michigan; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Bandon, Oregon, to fulfill our
local and national orders.  Our books are sold through distributors in Canada, Europe, and Australia /
New Zealand.

We have a foreign-rights agent, Sylvia Hayse, who represents all of our books and attends 
Internation Book Fairs and has sold rights to many of our books worldwide.

Ordering direct through Robert D. Reed Publishers is the fastest way
you can get a book without an author handing you one personally at an event.

The Shopping Cart controls are located in the upper right hand corner of each book's page,
which you get to by clicking on either the book cover or the book title.  (Note:  On some
computer screens, the Shopping Cart controls may not be completely visible without scrolling
to the right.)  If you have a large order, such as for a book club, class, or organization,
call us direct for quantity discounts

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Hobo Sapien  Love and War  Shift Your Mind  12 Investment Myths  You can be Famous  Fearless





The Official Book of Mob Humor by Malcolm Kushner

Foreword by Henry Hill; Endorsed by Joe Pistone, a.k.a., Donnie Brasco;
Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas Mayor;
Frank Collotta, portrayed in the movie Casino;
and Louis Ferrante, author of Mob Rules
Written up in the DOW WATCH of the WALL STREET JOURNAL




Math Jokes

 A Comprehensive Collection of Math Humor—Over 400 Jokes! 
* Dispels the myth of the humorless mathematician


The Sacred Art of Clowning

A Memoir of a Transformational and Healing Journey AND Clown Education




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