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We have over 150 titles in our existing book catalog.  The company owner, Robert D. Reed, has published nearly 1800 books in his 40-year career.  We are now in an ongoing effort to expand into the world of tools for writers, reviewers, and conference organizers.




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The Path to Healthy Relationships Poster


An art print illustrated by award-winning illustrator, Gay W. Holland, can be framed in a standard 24" x 36" frame and is ideal for any home, dorm room, coffee-break room, office wall, teacher's or therapist's office, etc.  It stimulates thinking:  What is a healthy relationship?  Is my relationship all I want it to be?  What ingredients do I want to cultivate/attract into my life?  A team at Robert D. Reed Publishers met several times to decide which words were timeless and universal to define a healthy relationship.  The artwork by Gay W. Holland is exquisite in its detail.

To read about the Kindle book, The Path To Healthy Relationships: It All Begins With You by Cleone Reed, click here.

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Orig.: $24.95
Sale: $19.95

Deal a Story

Perfect for Authors, Playwrights, Teachers of Fiction/Non-fiction;
Writers of Comedy Skits, Improv, Sitcoms, Docudramas, and Jokes

Deal a Story ~ 101 cards ~ 1,000,001 Story Ideas!


Deal a Story consists of 101 cards that give the writer over one million different story ideas. Deal a Story was created to assist writers to think outside-of-the-box and to encourage creative story development.  It’s also great for brainstorming and a useful tool in creative writing classes.


There are six sections, each containing 16 cards, and five wild cards.  Deal a Story combines characters with a variety of plots and genres, giving the writer unique ways to dream up new stories.

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Orig.: $24.95
Sale: $19.95